SUNFLAIR Solar Ovens

FREE energy from the sun!!
Food tastes GREAT!! – Healthier – RV’ing
Boating – Emergency Preparedness – Camping
Gourmet Cooking – Tailgating
Crafts: candle making, modeling clay

  • Sunflair: Improving Lives at Home and Around the World

    Sunflair: Improving Lives at Home and Around the World

    Sunflair® Solar Ovens provide more than the free power of the sun. They are a gateway to a better world. Almost half the planet's population still cooks over wood fires, which contributes to health issues, deforestation, and climate change. Our ovens enhance the quality of life for everyone who uses them, and even those who don't! This is why Sunflair is a proud sponsor of the Children's Hunger Fund. Any non-profit organizations interested in sponsorship, please contact us at

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  • UV Index Numbers

    UV Index Numbers

    Wondering when it’s best to cook? With a little experience, cooking with a UV Index of 3+ is fine. If you're new to solar cooking, we recommend starting on a day with a UV Index of 4+ while you get the hang of it.

  • Here's what customers are saying about SUNFLAIR....

    "This is a great addition to my emergency preparedness stockpile and a lot easier to use than the heavier solar ovens. I'll be putting this one in my bug-out-bag!"
    Frank Davis
    Dunn, NC

    "It's been such fun showing off the oven! We cook with it almost every day and have had a lot of company lately. We leave next week for a camping trip and are looking forward to cooking with the sun."
    J. Woodward
    Las Cruces, NM