SUNFLAIR Solar Ovens

FREE energy from the sun!!
Food tastes GREAT!! – Healthier – RV’ing
Boating – Emergency Preparedness – Camping
Gourmet Cooking – Tailgating
Crafts: candle making, modeling clay

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  • UV Index Numbers

    UV Index Numbers

    Wondering when it’s best to cook? With a little experience, cooking with a UV Index of 3+ is fine. If you're new to solar cooking, we recommend starting on a day with a UV Index of 4+ while you get the hang of it.

  • Here's what customers are saying about SUNFLAIR....

    "This is a great addition to my emergency preparedness stockpile and a lot easier to use than the heavier solar ovens. I'll be putting this one in my bug-out-bag!"
    Frank Davis
    Dunn, NC

    "It's been such fun showing off the oven! We cook with it almost every day and have had a lot of company lately. We leave next week for a camping trip and are looking forward to cooking with the sun."
    J. Woodward
    Las Cruces, NM